A worn-out pot in need of new handles became the perfect opportunity to practice my skills as an industrial designer; problem solving, design, modeling, and production.

The pot's handle attachment points were carefully noted and used to determine the most functional and ergonomic solution. With the help of 3D-printing I was able to produce the handles quickly and cost-effectively. It was important that the handles matched the existing knob located on the lid. To accomplish this the printed handles were sanded smooth and put through a simple process called vapor smoothing. For this process acetone vapor condenses on and reacts with the surface of the ABS parts. The result is a smooth and glossy surface very similar to what you'd expect from an injection-molded part.

The problem, a worn-out pot. 

Planning and design. 

Modelling the handle. 

Fresh from the printer. 

Light sanding to reduce ridges. 

Before and after sanding. 

Preparing for vapor smoothing. 

After vapor smoothing. 

The finished handles mounted.